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Support the Band

Major Sponsors

We would like to thank the following people and organizations, without whom, this band could not exist.

How to donate

It is only through community support, both financial and through attending the concerts, that the Fresno Community Concert Band exists. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help support the Fresno Community Concert Band via PayPal, click the Donate button below.




You may also print and complete this "Band Donation Form." You can mail the form with your check to the address shown on the form. Or you can drop the form with your check off at Murphy Bank on Palm Avenue in Fig Garden Village or Patrick's Music (First & Barstow).

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Business Owners

Advertise your business while supporting the band at the same time! Download our "Electronic Funding Packet."


The following list of donors will be updated just before the October concert, then prior to each concert.

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Concert Sponsors

Members of the FCCB including Robert and Irene Nielsen – “Solo Celebration”
The Horn Shop - “A Grateful Christmas”
Paul and Linda Heath – “Pops Hit Parade”
Fresno State Alumni Association - “Around the World in 90 Minutes”
Elaine Sherry – “Solemn Remembrance”

Stars & Stripes $1,000 to $5,000

Murphy Bank
Fresno City College
Fresno Community Concert Band Musicians
Fresno State Alumni Association
Patrick’s Music
The Horn Shop
Al Carlson, Income Design Inc.
Cultural Arts Rotary Foundation
Bill and Jan Goyette
Paul and Linda Heath

Bandmaster $500-$999

Raymond and Hillary Angelillo
Robert Lawrence
Elaine Sherry
Donna Weppler
Robert and Irene Nielsen

Blazing Brass $250-$499

John and Judy Hulstrom
Peter and Janice Larion
Steve and Marie Moore
Carol Terrell

Whirling Woodwinds $100-$249

Erna Bonetto
Bonnie Corcoran
Will Coyle
Katie Wenthur and Stephen Cunha
Joan M. Decker
Diane Ellis
Jim and Joan Emerson
Myrna Estes
Eugene Richardson and
MaryAnn Gamegan Richardson
Frank and Betty Gong
David Hartford

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Henry
Dick and Bobbi Herrinton
Betty Higdon
Carol Just
Marianne Kast
Robert Kiehl
Steven Kipfer and Sandre Vasquez-Kipfer
Bob and Liz Lewellen
Paul Martin
Nancy Jane Mazi
Bill and Kaye Mills

Lyle and Nancy Nelson
Graham and Shirley Partlett
Kay Pruett
Brad and Jane Sorensen
Alice Stewart
Virginia Tavlan
Clint Thaxter
Valerie Toews
Jennifer Waite and Patricia Westphal
Mac and Jean Wright

Pulsating Percussion $50-$99

Mike and Cathy Barabe
Marianne Bishop
Andrew Camoroda
William and Azalea Carter
Gary and Anita Cregger
Catherine Davis

Jay M. Gaynor
Conrad and Leslie Grant
Tony and Marcia Gutierrez
Chet and Doris Hansen
Charles and Jayne Harmon
Gene Harrison
John and Maureen Hayes
Verna Healey
Irene Ikeda
Laurence Imperatrice
Carol and Chris Janzen
Ruth Kallenberg

David J. Keller
Loretta King
Robert and Jennifer Koelewyn
Christopher and Kathleen Lozano
Elaine Lynn
Diane Merrill
Virginia Mott
Ron and Linda Newton
Becky Nissila

Mary Depew
Don and Linda DeVere
Ron DuBois
Gordon and Diane Fake
Jan Forbes
Teresa Galloway

Rick and Cheri Pharr
John and Carol Presley
John Pugliese

Alma Quiroz-Plumlee
Lynne Rodriguez
Angie Rosenthal
Debi Ruud, Fresno Music Academy
Jerry Schroer
Emil Sereda
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Sigel
Jeanette Simmons
Bob and Sue Smith
Mable Smith
Richard and Elizabeth Stockton
Lynn and Carol Streit
David Strobel
Mavis Teale
Elin Thomas
Hank and Dory Van Loon
Jim and Mary Vaughan
Richard and Mary Zaharini

Sousa Friends $20-$49

Jacque Arabian
Rebecca Bartsch-Bergthold
Thomas and Susan Catchpole
Flora De Pasquale
Chris Fendrick
Alyce Fourchy
Geraldine Gerbrandt
Judith Goodmon
Barbara Jo Harding
Marjorie Jauron
Suzanne Juarez
Renate Ley

Laura L. Lindegren

Connie Lingerfelt
Lynn Mann
Darlene Martin
Marilyn McDonald
Allan and Patty McLane
Janet Mills
Dolores Murphy
FM Neate
Jeanne Nelson
Bill and Susan Nelson
Jeffrey Nennig

Adaire Palm
Judy Pavelich
Kenneth Prestridge
Jan Propp
David Rodrigues
Carolyn Romersa
Donna Rosenstein
Margaret Sanders
Sue Satterberg
Norman Sigel
David Slater
Gene Tuck

Special Gifts
Special Gifts

In Memory Of
Robert Bird
Eugene Richardson and
MaryAnn Gamegan Richardson

In Memory Of

Paul and Linda Heath

In Memory Of

Robert and Irene Nielsen
FCCB Musicians

Special thanks to the following:

Murphy Bank
Fresno City College
Patrick’s Music
Paul W. Heath
Julie Garcia – Band Manager
Harry Siverly – Logistics
Julie Garcia – Website
Chris Lang – FCC Theatre Technical Director

Johnny Cano III – Theatre Technical Director
Delia Makel – FCC Graphics and Printing
Ben Lozano & Sara Woody – FCC Printing
Vincent Keenan – Shaghoian Concert Hall Technical Director
Tracy Lewellen – Stage Manager
Elaine Sherry – Band Librarian
Bill Goyette
D’Arcy Weinberger

Betty Snyder
Rebecca Snyder-Ray
Barbara Holdt
Jennifer Waite
Michael McLane


Larry Huck – Conductor Emeritus
Robert Nielsen – Conductor Emeritus

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